At Christopherson Builders we understand the importance of preserving the environment for the next generations. We do our part by incorporating building design and construction techniques to reduce our homes’ energy footprint while maintaining the highest level of comfort and design.

  • We proudly participate in Sonoma Clean Power’s Rebuild Program
  • All our homes are pre-wired for solar electricity
  • Pre-wiring for electric vehicle chargers in the garage
  • Engineered wood I-joists reduce use of old growth lumber while providing exceptional strength, durability and reliability. In addition, engineered lumber sequesters significant amounts of carbon and increase the energy efficiency of the building.
  • Low-water use toilets
  • On-demand water heaters reduce water waste by delivering hot water quickly
  • Water-conscious landscaping
  • 50-year roofs reduce waste, and cost, of more frequent re-roofing
  • Documented on-site recycling of concrete, wood and most construction supplies
  • Thoughtful approach to site development to minimize disruption to the ecosystem
  • Nest thermostats for more personal temperature regulation in the home
  • Active approach to air circulation with large numbers of windows and moisture-triggered fans for venting where necessary
  • High quality, high efficiency windows filled with argon deliver better insulation and temperature regulation
  • Formaldehyde-free insulation reduces off-gassing
  • Low-VOC paints and glues for improved air quality
  • We cover our homes during rainy reasons to reduce risk of water intrusion and subsequent air quality issues
  • Our homes are designed with many windows for natural light and air flow
  • Tight framing techniques and improved insulation systems help reduce internal leaks and drafts