Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is Christopherson Properties related to Christopherson Builders?

    Christopherson Properties (CP) and Christopherson Builders (CB) are sister companies. CP is our real estate branch and CB is our construction and development branch. CP can assist you to buy or sell lots and homes. CB can assist you every step of the way to rebuild your new home.

  • Are Synergy and Christopherson Builders the same company?


    Synergy is not related to Christopherson Builders in any way nor are they sister companies. Christopherson Builders is owned and founded by Keith & Brenda Christopherson. Synergy is operated by Andy Christopherson, Keith & Brenda’s son, along with two partners.

    Christopherson Builders was established in 2017 in response to the community needs after the wildfires. Keith & Brenda Christopherson, founders of Christopherson Builders, have been building successful communities in Northern California for more than 40 years. With more than 6,500 new homes and 63 communities to date, they have a proven track record of award-winning development and residential building.

    The Christophersons’ earlier Santa Rosa-based firm—Christopherson Homes—started as a general contracting and spec-home company in 1978 and grew to become the most successful development firm in Northern California. They have received hundreds of awards including Best Residential Builder for dozens of years in a row and the prestigious JD Power Award for customer service for two years.

  • Why should you choose Christopherson Builders?

    Christopherson Builders has a proven track record of building some of the most desirable communities in the North Bay. We have built more than 6,500 homes and developed 63 communities. You will not only receive quality, service but clients work directly with one of the Principals of the company, Brenda Christopherson. Nearly all of our in-house, full-time local staff have been working together for decades and have more than 20 years of industry knowledge and experience. Our in-house local design professionals, structural and mechanical and civil engineers are the best of the best.

  • What are the special features I will get with Christopherson Builders?

    Christopherson Builders has a highly-qualified on-site design studio team ready to assist you personalize your home’s interior, exterior and landscaping. We offer assistance with window coverings through a local sub contractor and have demonstrated samples at the design studio.

  • How can I see your floor plans?

    Floor plans are accessible by making an appointment and visiting our office and design studio. We have designed 22 floorpans to meet the needs and requests of our rebuild clients. They are proprietary and the team, specifically our Principal, Brenda Christopherson, is here to meet with you to learn about your specific customization needs and fulfill them to the best of our abilities.

  • What standard features are included?

    The list is long. Please go to our Design Studio page for a summary and make an appointment to go over the long list including Universal Design standard features.

  • Where is Christopherson Builders office and design studio?

    We are located at 565 West College Avenue in Santa Rosa just west of North Dutton Avenue. Our 5,600 square foot Rebuild Center and Design Studio has a level parking lot with 30 parking spaces and is wheelchair accessible.

  • Where is Christopherson Properties Real Estate located?

    Christopherson Properties is located at 1045 College Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA.

  • How do I figure out next steps?

    Please call us and make an appointment to meet with one of our Principals, Brenda Christopherson. Brenda and our full-time, on-site engineers will meet with you at no charge upfront. We will research your lot information to have on-hand at your meeting, as well as your zoning and set-back requirements. We will work with you to determine your plan preference and appropriate fit from our library of 22 plans. We are able to expedite the process with our in-house engineers for lot fits and plotting. Our engineering and construction teams can also perform site inspections for you. The local community knowledge and experience of our team is unmatched.

  • How long will it take for me to return to my home once we sign a contract?

    Completion time varies but the average is 6-8 months from foundation start. The time varies depending on multiple factors such as the size and difficulty of building due to site restrictions which we have a lot of experience with.

  • Are you open to customization?

    We are open and will listen to our client’s needs and are flexible and open to customizing our plans to fit your needs.

  • Do you have an Insurance Consultant?

    Yes. We are working with Linh Pham of Scope Writing Services.

    Scope Writing Services is a construction consulting company that specializes in damage evaluation and estimate preparation for insurance restoration projects. We offer free consultations to review policy limits, and will help to determine the best course of action for our clients moving forward. We will review all options with our clients so to determine whether or not estimating services is necessary.

  • Are your homes built to Universal Design standards?

    Yes. Please view our Design Studio page for specifics. For more information about Universal Design please see the following:

    National Association of Home Builders

  • Please explain how long is the warranty and what’s included. What happens to the warranty if your company goes out of business?

    The structural is warranted for ten years.  All other minor items such as appliances, plumbing, etc. are warrantied for one or two years.  We have the 2-10 Homebuyers Warranty. Click here for more information.

  • Will the garage be finished in the prices per square footage you provided and included as a part of the living space sq. ft. calculations? Define finished. We also assume that garage is not included as part of the living space sq. ft. calculations, correct?

    Garages will be finished with sheetrock and fully painted just as your homes interior.

    Building industry standard is that garages are NOT included in living space calculations or price per square foot calculations.

    We recognize that some builders in the area are including garage space which changes the comparison scale. However, as indicated, that is not industry standard and a non-heated, non-cooled area should never be counted as part of the square footage.

  • Will landscaping be included (front and back yards) in the quoted price? What’s included?

    A credit to cover front yard landscaping and all hardscape (driveways, walkways, patio, etc.) and fencing is included in your quoted pricing which should cover front landscaping, perimeter fencing (6’ solid with 12” lattice above.) Allowance varies from lot to lot and area to area. If you wish to also landscape your back yard, we have a landscape designer and subcontractors to assist you.

  • Will the homes that require units have two AC/heating units?

    Heating and cooling design is determined by the title 24 engineer. Their calculations dictate how many and size of heating and cooling units.

  • Will circulating pumps be included?

    Yes, we install as standard and on-demand recirculating water pump installed on the interior of the garage wall. This is also determined by the title 24 engineer and will depend on how far your hot water needs to travel in your home to the point of use.

  • Will solar panels be included?

    Solar panels are not included as standard, but all homes are pre-plumbed for solar as well as electronic vehicle charging. Additionally, all roofs are designed to carry solar panels should you choose to have them installed.

  • Will the property fence be included in the price, and what type of fence, how many gates?

    Property fencing will be solid six feet high with 12 inch lattice for a total of 7’ tall, and one gate.

  • Is your suggested cost a base price or a typical price? Do you have additional features or options that can be added (and possibly removed)? How much would such features/options increase (or decrease) the cost?

    Our pricing includes a selection of hundreds of choices from our standard selections which you can choose from at our onsite Design Studio. We also have many upgrade selections, but you will find our standards are very high end. We are building spec homes and plan on not using any upgrades, or very few if at all, to complete these spec homes.

    Our homes are priced to be all-inclusive with front yard landscaping, hardscape, air conditioning, and high end finishes. This aligns with our philosophy of providing attractive, well-built homes that owners can be proud of and our 40-year brand will remain strong.

  • What about warranty? How will I be sure you and your subcontractors will be there for us in 10 years?

    We have enjoyed a great loyal relationship with our local subcontractors (through generations) for 40 years. They have made it clear they are only interested in working with a few local builders and we are fortunate to be one of the few. They will be here for us (hence, our clients) for the long run in Sonoma County,