Home Designer Cloverdale

You’re looking for a home designer in Cloverdale. You’ve purchased a plot of land and you’re ready to build your dream home. Or the property has an existing structure but you want to build a new home that better suits your style and needs. Christopherson Builders is a Sonoma County-based design and construction team that can help! We have over forty years of experience, a talented team of experts, and 50+ ready-made home designs to choose from! We have carefully created these designs with our clients in mind, considering each detail for style and functionality. Whether you want a two-story traditional home, a home design that can be built on an incline, an in-law unit, a three-car garage, five bedrooms, two master suites, we can bring your dreams to life. Our ready-made designs offer a variety of styles, layouts, and square footage from 1,500 to over 5,000. Of course, we also create custom home designs.

Family Cottage

Our local roots are one of the benefits of working with Christopherson Builders as your home designer in Cloverdale. We understand the challenges of building in Sonoma County, the building requirements, the cost of materials and labor in the area, and the risk of fire danger. We are a local builder that cares about the safety of our community. That’s why every new Christopherson home comes with carbon monoxide detectors, connected electrical smoke detectors at every level and in every bedroom (with battery backup), tempered interior panes in all windows and doors, battery backup garage door openers, fire sprinkler systems engineered and approved by the City of Santa Rosa Fire Department with exterior bell, under-floor vents on raised floors that are ember resistant, and fire-resistant exterior materials.

We are a home designer for Cloverdale that cares about safety, responsibility, and beauty. In addition to fire-resistant features, we also offer a number of eco-conscious details like on-demand water heaters that reduce water waste, pre-wiring for solar, low-water-use toilets, 50-year roofs, and more. Perhaps most importantly, we build a beautiful home with quality design and materials so your family can enjoy the home for years to come!