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A Local Home Designer in Santa Rosa, California

home-designer-santa-rosa-caChristopherson Builders is a local home designer in Santa Rosa, California ready to help residents who are looking to rebuild their homes. Our business is located in town at 565 West College Avenue, so like much of Santa Rosa, we felt the devastation of the fires which recently occurred in our hometown. With Brenda and Keith Christopherson’s decades of experience creating brilliant and functional modern home designs, we offer our experienced talent with a personal stake in providing quality work. Santa Rosa residents aren’t just our clients, they’re our neighbors, and we do whatever we can to deliver a home design that gives people exactly what they need, and want.

As a fully licensed contractor, we’re dependable and professional. Our entire team feels passionate about rebuilding and revitalizing Sonoma County. We decided to get back to the roots of Christopherson Homes and open up Christopherson Builders, offering locals a home designer in Santa Rosa who understands what they’re going through.  Our goal is to make it as simple as possible and use the relationships we’ve built over the years to bring back the community we love so much. Currently, we’re working in the Coffey Park, Hidden Valley and Fountaingrove neighborhoods in Santa Rosa to rebuild.

Our company consists of a team filled with wisdom and experience offering 22 brand new home designs, construction, and housing development. We have an on-site design studio team who can help you personally customize your home’s interior, exterior, window treatments, and landscaping.  With over 6,500 homes and 63 housing communities in our profile to date, you can put your faith in us to be the home designer you’re looking for to rebuild or build new in Santa Rosa.