Home Designer Vacaville

Are you looking for a home designer in Vacaville? Perhaps you have purchased the perfect plot of land and are looking to build a new house. Or maybe your plan is to find the right spot to buy and then start looking at home designs. We can help! Christopherson Properties is our experienced real estate team that can help you find the perfect place. Whether you are looking for a large lot, utility hookups, accessible to a major road, or other considerations, talk to us. We take your wish list and find properties that fit the bill. Throughout the process, you’ll work with a realtor that has your interests at heart.

If you’ve already purchased a plot of land and are looking to build, Christopherson Builders has over 50 ready-made home designs. You can see these designs on our website and the architectural renderings come to life at our spec homes in the Santa Rosa area. Each home design has been carefully thought out to bring value and functionality to the space. With over 40 years of experience as a home designer for Vacaville and the greater Northern California area, we have an attention to detail that grants each home a certain style, practicality, and quality that marks it as a Christopherson build. These ready-made plans offer numerous options so you can build a home with the right number of bedrooms, bathrooms, car spaces in the garage, and square footage without having to go through the hassle, cost, and extensive time and energy of drawing up a new home design.

Once you’ve picked the design and construction has begun, you also get to choose all the interior and exterior finishes. As a home designer, we understand that the options can be overwhelming. We are happy to pick out finishes that match the style of your home design for you to choose from. You can also visit our Design Studio and go over all the options available for lighting, flooring, cabinetry, faucets, hardware, and more. One of our experienced designers will walk you through the process. The result? A stunning home that is uniquely yours. Talk to Christopherson Builders about your dream home today.