Meet Kp Peters

We are proud to work with so many wonderful individuals who make Christopherson Builders great. Kp has worked with us in different companies and capacities since 1993. That’s 25 years with Christopherson!

When she first started, she worked to establish budgets for the sales and marketing departments. Over the last two and half decades, the business and her role has evolved. Now, she is often the first point of contact for new clients. When people call in to rebuild their home, sell their lot, or buy a spec home, Kp is the main point of contact. She does research on the client, such as looking at their lot and any drawbacks to building. As Brenda Christopherson’s right-hand employee, she gathers the information needed for Brenda to meet with new clients one-on-one. Kp assists Brenda with various projects depending on the day, including marketing, working with architects, contacting media outlets, and more.

Meet Kp Peters

She describes Christopherson Builders as “a company with a heart”. From the very beginning, this has been the best part of the job. Kp says, “Keith and Brenda are the most wonderful people to work with – everyone loves them from the community, to the industry, to their employees! It’s a family-orientated company. Keith and Brenda are solid gold. Everyone who works here feels that way, not just me.”

One of Brenda’s sayings is “Team means Together, Everyone Achieves More”. When everyone pitches in, we get more done and support each other. Kp has embodied these values for 25 years with Christopherson. Thank you for your hard work, Kp!