Our Building Services – Main Course or à la Carte?

Christopherson Builders Construction Worker On A Rooftop

At Christopherson Builders, we offer a client-centric experience designed to make building a new home as easy as we can for the most important people in this process – the homeowners.  Meeting the needs of our clients, and adapting to suit those needs when necessary, is one of the ways we always strive to place our clients first.  We do this by relying on all that our team has learned over decades of building thousands of homes and applying our teams’ organizational expertise, vast knowledge and craftsmanship to each single-family home that we build.

Our long-standing goal for building for individual homeowners is to provide an efficient, friendly, proactive framework that sets the stage for a successful relationship between Owner and Builder.  That very reason is the launching pad for our concierge, full-service home-building journey.

Drawing on a legacy of production home building with over 7,000 homes built in Sonoma, Napa, Marin, Sacramento and Mendocino counties, we’ve learned over decades how to effectively and efficiently build beautiful, quality homes.  The full-service guided path to building a new home comes with options.

At Christopherson Builders our clients can:

Choose one of the many pre-engineered plans that our extensive plan library has to offer. Choosing a pre-engineered plan means that much of the architecture is already done, and is done well. When a home is smartly engineered, it ultimately gives you the comfort and beauty that you want to have in your new home experience, but it avoids adding uneccessary elements that ultimately result in heightened costs. Our new home visionary, Brenda Christopherson, has worked side by side with a variety of architects for years, and she is the foremost designer behind all of the new home plans that we have to offer our clients. She understands how people want to live, and designs our homes accordingly. Brenda also understands the cost implications of designing homes in certain ways and constantly evaluates how to best provide our clients with a stunning home, while consistently improving our designs without making changes that can cause drastic price increases.

Making modifications to an existing plan. It often happens that our clients really, really like a home design, but maybe want to change one or two things. With Christopherson, you can. Yes, it will take a little longer, and yes it will increase the architectural costs a bit – but the time and cost are negligible when the final result is a home that is the height of perfection in our client’s eyes. One of our favorite examples of how a plan modification was done to make a home function for one of our clients is when we changed a bathroom around to create a dog washing station. Furry friends deserve functional homes too!

Last not certainly not least – The custom home. It has happened before, and it will happen again, that an existing plan (as great as it is) just isn’t working. That’s when a custom home design comes to the rescue. Important note – designing a custom home is not as hard as it sounds. But it is super important to engage a builder to participate in the home design. Why? because we have a pretty strong grasp of what the cost implications of a design mean. So, if there is a budget in mind, it is better to make design decisions that work with the budget, and not against it. As with building from an existing plan, as-is or with modification, a custom home-building path receives the same wrap-around support that any of our home-building paths offer.

Whether building custom architecture or from our library of plans, the full-service home building methodology is designed to make our clients’ experience as simplified and low-stress as possible.  We undertake the considerable tasks of pulling permits, gathering and evaluating reports, sourcing products, scheduling deliveries, timing installations, and the list goes on.  This approach allows us to take the burden almost completely off the client’s shoulders, and our honed systematic methodology allows us to move projects forward in a tightly controlled, streamlined fashion – ultimately saving on both the time it takes to construct a new home, which directly relates to overhead like company resources and field labor.

However needs vary, and for that reason, we have recently launched a guide to our vast array of services. Of late, we have been receiving a fair number of inquiries concerning building on previously unbuilt or “raw” land and other field services.  Where our concierge home build service might be called the main course, our services may also be requested  “à la carte”.  A sample of the construction services that we offer on a cost/contract basis can now be found under the services menu on our website.

What are some services that we offer?

Preconstruction Services.  Pre-construction encompasses a lot.  The most important distinction is timing. Does the service occur before you pull a building permit, or after? Examples of pre-construction services that happen before you break ground on a new build are:

Defining building areas. Placement of a future home is the guiding star for so many other related factors – it dictates many other future costs such as driveways, extra concrete for walkways, has privacy and view implications, and will directly impact the structural engineering of the foundation.

Utility Services. Especially when building on country property, and absolutely when building on raw, previously unbuilt upon land, the method of and cost of bringing in utilities is hugely impactful. Understanding the best options for bringing in infrastructure can save our clients an immense amount of dollars. It also is advisable to think long term and plan for now and for the potential of expansion in the future.

Lot Preparation. Wouldn’t it be nice if when getting ready to build on a lot, the parcel of land was already flat, compacted, devoid of boulders and other obstructions like old foundations? It would be nice but it’s not going to happen. Even if purchasing an ostensibly flat lot, a buyer is still going to have to do their due diligence to make sure that the previous work done was done right. That’s where we come in. We’ve taken over projects in all sorts of states, and have fixed all sorts of problems – from picking up halfway abandoned foundations to remedying over-excavated lots.

Estimates.  Naturally, how much it costs to build is practically always the first thing that someone who brings in their building plans wants to know. If building a Christopherson plan, creating a preliminary rough estimate is one of the very first things that we do. We know the costs of our own Christopherson designs, and we can execute a preliminary rough estimate for one of our plans on your lot in a jiffy. Estimating plans that are not of our own making is quite a bit trickier. We have two ways to tackle that. First, we can reasonably compare the plans to a plan that we already have, that will give out clients a rough, high-level estimate for the sake of a sound ballpark. However, if a detailed estimate is wanted or needed, we offer complete line-item estimation services. It takes weeks to perform a real, reliable cost estimate on architecture, and therefore our estimation services are fee-based and range from $2,500-$4,000 depending upon the complexity and scale of the home.

If building a non-traditional home, wanting to do some DIY, or if simply taking the slow and steady route, our pre-construction services can be a great option. You are only tied to the services that you choose to contract for, and can proceed as quickly or as slowly as you prefer.

Projects such as master planning estates with multiple buildings, mapping the best use of land for new roads and utilities and performing feasibility studies are all well within our wheelhouse, and frankly, our legacy of building new communities means that we’ve got both the experience and expertise needed to guide any manner of project, big or small, to fruition with care.

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