Team Spotlight: Bob Fortney & Howard Pedersen

At Christopherson Builders we have deep roots in Sonoma County, and so do our team members. Much of our local team has been working with us for more than 20 years.  We’re all committed to rebuilding our community and we all share the same core values – integrity, honesty, hard work, service, and communication.

Bob Fortney

First, we highlight Bob Fortney, one of our Purchasing Managers.

Bob started with us in March of 2018 when things were really ramping up at Christopherson Builders after the October firestorm.  His experience is vast as he began working in the construction industry more than 35 years ago as an apprentice and then a journeyman carpenter. From there, he advanced steadily into a supervision role and eventually moved into management. As a Purchasing Manager with ten years of specific experience, he focuses on ensuring a fair price and maintaining relationships with quality contractors so he can continue to offer clients the best of both worlds. When he joined or team, he took responsibility for buying out our subcontractor contracts, maintaining and distributing our vendor plans, negotiating all the numbers, and awarding contracts to our preferred vendors. He works hard every single day to make sure we stick to plan and maintain an appropriate budget for everything from site work to the building costs of a new house. He’s both an asset and a great friend and we’re thrilled to have him on our team.

Howard Pedersen

Our second highlight is Howard Pedersen, our Purchasing Manager who works closely with Bob day in and day out.

We’ve always loved working with Howard, starting in the late 1990s when he began a 12-year relationship with Christopherson Homes. After the real estate downturn in 2009, he moved with his family to Chico, CA to build homes there with his wife and partner. They did incredible work there, but after the 2017 firestorm, he felt compelled to come back to his hometown in Sonoma County to help rebuild the community he loved. Howard rejoined our team in the spring of 2018 and has been a vital part of our operations ever since.

Working with Howard is like second nature, particularly since we have history together and he fits so well into our company culture. His history in the construction industry is extensive, dating all the way back to his teens when he began designing plans. He was born and raised in Santa Rosa and is so happy to be back and working with us again, helping fire survivors return home again. His work includes pricing and negotiation of our subcontractor contracts, as well as reviewing all of our vendors and making his recommendations for estimates and budgeting concerns. He also works well with our construction and design teams. We’re so glad to have him back!

When you meet with our team members, it’s easy to see why we work so well together. All of us share a similar passion for bringing this community back home.