Three-Step Process at the Design Studio

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We’ve talked about our master planned, priced, and approved building plans that are ready for immediate rebuild. When you pick one of our 22 newly designed plans to rebuild your home, you get the benefit of plans that are already designed and approved by the City of Santa Rosa. This pre-approval speeds up the process and means you can move into your new home faster.

The Initial Meeting

    1. Once you have picked a plan, you can make an appointment with our Design Studio. For many of our clients, this is their favorite part of the planning process. We have a three-meeting system. The first meeting is an opportunity to meet with Rae Petenes, our Design Studio Manager, to discuss your comfort level with selecting finishes. While most folks enjoy the process of picking out finishes, some want more guidance, and some want pre-selected options to look over. We are happy to work with homeowners to make it a smooth and enjoyable process.Design Studio Showroom - Shower Heads & Sinks on Display

      Picking the Finishes for Your Home

    2. During the second meeting, you will pick all your finishes. We record all your selections and make sure they align with your building plan. For example, based on your home plan, how many bathtubs are needed in the home and what type? Working directly with a builder that offers all-inclusive planning means nothing is overlooked. We make sure every detail is covered.Most of our clients love the process of picking out finishes for their home. For those that need more guidance or prefer a pre-set list of options, we can do that as well. This works great for rentals, people who do not live close by, or those who aren’t sure what they want. Whatever your needs, we will work together with you to ensure your home is beautifully finished and has everything you need to be comfortable for years to come.Design Studio Showroom - Cabinets on Display

      The Final Sign Off

    3. Although Christopherson Builders is working quickly to rebuild homes in Santa Rosa after the fire, we want each homeowner to be able to enjoy their home for decades. Our concierge service in the Design Studio considers everything you will need from the first day in the home to ten years down the line. Our Design Studio Manager, Rae, walks each homeowner through the process to make sure each detail is perfect. The third meeting is set for a few weeks after the second meeting, so you get a chance to deliberate on your choices. The third meeting is the final sign-off on your finishes. Once you officially sign off on your selections, it’s time to build!

Design Studio Showroom - Kitchen

Our three-step Design Studio process makes rebuilding your Santa Rosa home straightforward and smooth. Our experienced team will be with you every step of the way.

We’re dedicated to rebuilding Sonoma County. Contact us to learn more.