Building an ADU in the Bay Area

AduAs the demand for housing across the Bay Area continues to expand, so has the initiative across multiple counties to make it easier to add an ADU onto new and existing property.  An ADU is an accessory dwelling unit – a second place of resident on the same piece of land.  They are also commonly referred to as ‘granny units’ or ‘guest cottages’.  Whether the addition of an ADU will be for private use, or as an additional source of income, we can help.

Often of late, we are consistently adding both attached and detached ADUs to our clients’ plans.  For those intrinsic to the primary home plan, you’ll find shared walls but a separate entrance.  Many of our plans offer small sitting areas as well as the option for a kitchenette.  This style of ADU allows for flexible living options, and immense privacy for periodic guests.  Alternately, a detached ADU can be built completely stand alone and separate from the main structure.  This can be a great option for properties with ample building area, and lends itself nicely for uses such as a guest residence or as a potential rental unit.

There are a several key factors to research before planning your ADU.  First, understanding the zoning restrictions, location of any easements and the size of the general building envelope will largely determine what can or cannot be constructed.  Once that is known, determining the available capacity for utilities such as water and sanitation will also factor in, or septic capacity if you are on such a system.

In both Sonoma County, Vacaville and Napa we are building more and more ADUs along with building main homes to help people maximize the value of their property. Customers often want them for supplemental rental income or in anticipation of a parent or adult child, or caregiver, coming to live with them.   If you are thinking about building a home, consider if an ADU would improve your property value and your lifestyle!