New, Easy to Build Home Designs

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Plan 2 Mid-Century Modern Elevation

Introducing a limited collection of new, easy to build home designs.  We know that when it comes to new home construction, there are a wide variety of client needs from very grand estate homes, to building accessory structures such as ADUS and detached garages, and everything in between.

At Christopherson Builders, we strive to meet all of our clients’ needs.  That philosophy was one of the fundamental drivers behind our decision to design the California Collection – a limited collection of homes that are versatile, efficient and present cost effective solutions to building.  The collection was initially conceptualized for the rebuild of the Grizzly Flats and Paradise communities – where recovery from wildfire is still ongoing, and where there is a demand for smaller homes and cabins in addition to larger homes.

With help from the West Slope Foundation, we were able to deliver a consumer survey to the property owners who lost their homes in the Caldor fire.  We received a great deal of valuable feedback, such as the desire for certain home styles (also known as elevations) and the desire to be able to opt in or out of garages.  We listened and created several flexible options for building.

Take for example, the Kelsey.  The Kelsey is a cozy 609sf 1 bedroom home.  It can be built as is, as a sweet cottage or ADU, or can be built as a second story above the detached garage option.  You might also notice that the bedroom count of the Carson and the Sierra says 2(3) – that means it can be built either as a 2 or a 3 bedroom, which is very important when building where there are existing septic systems.

Finally, in order to create homes that are cost effective with known up front base estimates, we adapted some of the design specifications to include an assortment of pre-selected materials, palettes and exterior styles.  With the California Collection, much of the nitty gritty detail is already set, so the focus can be on the fun part – making a house a home.