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We have recently been asked, what is a Christopherson Collection home?  The short answer is, a Collection home is one that our experts have thoughtfully designed and built, from start to finish.

The long answer is – it’s a long answer, and it starts with our acquisition team.  One of the things that we do is plan, design, and execute homes that ultimately will be released to the market.  To that end, our select team of Realtors is consistently working to find opportunities for the right piece of property to house a future Christopherson home.  We know that many factors come into play when selecting property, and that finding the right lot can take time, therefore our team is constantly watching for opportunities both on and off the market.

Following the lot selection is the home design, and visionary and co-founder Brenda Christopherson leads our design team.  Brenda works closely with all of our architects, and many of our designs are inspired and drawn by Brenda’s gift for creativity, intuition, and years of expertise.  At the forefront of our intent is always to design a home that works best for the land on which it stands, in other words, the adage “highest and best use of the land” leads our decision-making and planning.

Once a home design is selected for the lot, we consider many potential ways the home could live, and make interior selection decisions accordingly.  Our intent is to create a home that works with the lifestyle of today but will age gracefully, adapt to needs of the future and retain its value in the event of potential resale.  Elements such as separate entries, a primary suite of both levels of a multi-level home, potential attached ADUs, appropriate appliance selections, wiring for smart homes and electric vehicles – all these items and more are points of consideration for each home we build.

Style.  Christopherson Builders is home to our own Design Studio, meaning that every Christopherson Collection home has been curated and planned by a true, trained design professional, from top to bottom, both inside and out.  Our Design Center is home to hundreds of choices for finishing a home, with both current trends and hallmark traditions well represented.  Our design team creates a vision board for each Collection home, creating an end result that is a harmonious and complementary masterpiece.

The final piece of the puzzle is execution.  Our construction team is a group of highly experienced and skilled craftsmen who Keith and Brenda trust to ensure the homes we build are up to the Christopherson standard of excellence.  The Christopherson “standard” is anything but standard.  Our homes are designed and built to last, which is one of the reasons why, years later, when a Christopherson-built home is sold, the Realtors representing the sale will often highlight the fact the home is a Christopherson creation.  In addition, all of our homes are warrantied for 2-10 years, ensuring that the legacy of trust that the Christopherson’s have established for over 40 years will continue to go forward into the future.

That, in short, is a Christopherson Collection home.