Why Building is the new way to Buy.

5907 MountainhawkAs everyone knows, the real estate market in the North Bay Area has been booming, and the competition for home ownership has taken on new heights.  With multiple offers on limited inventory, buyers have been finding themselves in a perpetual cycle of offer, counter offer and repeat, with the lucky few moving forward into escrow.  Discouraged with the hamster wheel of buying resale homes, more and more buyers are looking at building a home as a viable option.  We have seen this first hand at Christopherson Builders.  Over the last few months, several of our spec homes have sold before they have been finished!  In addition, we’re already getting calls on homes that have just broken ground.

Here are some things we’d love buyers to know about our new homes.

  1. You don’t have to let the market dictate.  In choosing to build a home rather than buy an existing home, you don’t have to compete with other offers or worry about getting outbid.  All of the costs are laid out, known and agreed upon prior to breaking ground, so there are no surprises.
  2. Building – it’s not as hard as you think.  As an all-inclusive builder everything we need to build you a home is in one place – here.  We have suppliers and vendors lined up ready to go, so our clients don’t have to run all over town to find a faucet, or pick out a front door, or find a roofer…. Et cetera.
  3. Buying a new home means you get to pick.  You’re not stuck with someone else’s kitchen counters that were the height of style 30 years ago, or that weird exterior paint color.  Our Design Center is stocked full, and contains a huge variety of style choices, from modern to transitional to Spanish – you name it.
  4. We move fast.  Because our processes have been honed over decades, it takes us roughly seven months to build a home from foundation pour to handing over the keys.  When you stop to think about how long it takes to find a home, get an offer accepted and close escrow, the timing is quite comparable.

Whether you own a lot or need to find the right one for your floor plan of choice, we can help make a Christopherson built house your new home.