Rebuilding Sonoma County: Future-Focused and Environmentally Friendly

At Christopherson Builders, we’re consistently focused on building homes that will serve our clients’ present and future needs. As we continue to rebuild homes lost in the 2017 wildfires, many of our clients are making the decision to reduce their energy dependence and improve energy efficiency.

We, as a community, learned a lot from the wildfires. As the fires raged across the county, many people were without power or battery backups, making it difficult to get out of their garages during the evacuations. Others had to contend with navigating their homes without lighting or experienced communication delays with their loved ones. Others still faced delays in receiving updated information from local agencies due to a lack of access to television and the internet.

The Soilands lost their home in Fountaingrove in October 2017. They’ve since decided to rebuild, with special considerations to a changing environment and the possibility of future natural disasters. To reduce their reliance on the central power grid, the Soilands opted for solar panels, which were integrated into the home design. With the threat of increasing power interruptions due to red flag warnings, they’re also choosing to add a battery backup system. The Soilands also wanted to have critical load panels designed to maintain power to their refrigerator, lights, and critical information systems, such as the internet and television. Discussing the features of their new home, Belinda Soiland stated she feels the solar energy paired with battery backup systems will give her more peace of mind.

We Are Dedicated To Renewable Energy

Beyond the growing concerns of wildfire in our area, there’s also a growing interest in renewable energy on a local and national level. Many builders and homeowners are seeing the value of becoming energy independent, particularly with rising costs and an increase in rolling blackouts due to planned power shutoffs. We partner with Solar4America, a key player in helping us rebuild Sonoma County. We believe that it’s necessary to integrate the solar with the roofing design to produce the best possible outcome. Having all parties – from the homebuilders and homeowners to the design team and Solar4America – work together ensures that all elements come together to produce an ideal design that will serve the need of the homeowners for years to come.

Our homes are designed to be future-focused, with features that can accommodate changes in factors like the climate, building and energy codes, and owner preferences. All Christopherson homes are designed according to Universal Design Standards and in accordance with Sonoma Clean Power’s Rebuild Program. All homes are prewired for solar electricity and electric vehicle chargers in the garages. We also utilize features and appliances with low environmental impact, such as on-demand water heaters and low-water-use toilets. Additionally, we take a thoughtful approach to site development to minimize disruption to the ecosystem.

We work closely with our clients to help them find the best solutions for their immediate concerns, as well as offer suggestions for features that will continue to provide value into the future. If you’d like to learn more, or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact our office at 707-584-6377.