Why Already Drafted Floor Plans Make All the Difference

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Saving On Expenses

After the firestorm of October 2017, Brenda and Keith Christopherson sprang into action. As a response, Brenda and Keith formed Christopherson Builders to help with the rebuild effort happening throughout Santa Rosa. A central part of our strategy is the 22 brand-new plans we’ve created. These are the best floor plans for your rebuild in Santa Rosa. We’ve worked hard to ensure they offer the maximum benefits to fire survivors, including:

1. Professional Design

Brenda and Keith Christopherson have over 40 years of experience in designing and building homes for residents of Northern California. Our plans reflect their expertise and thoughtfulness. We worked hard to create the best floor plans to rebuild our community of Santa Rosa, because we aren’t just looking to build a house. We’re building a home. We think carefully about not just what the design looks like on the page and the total square feet (although those are important), but also what the house will feel like to live in.

Do the rooms flow well together? Can every part of the house be utilized by a single person, couple, or family? How can we bring efficient design into the home to maximize comfort? These are all factors we considered when drafting these floor plans. You will find that our homes are an essential blend of curb appeal and functionality. We want the “Wow” factor when you see your home completed for the first time, and we want homeowners to enjoy living in the home 10 years down the line as their needs and lifestyles change. This meticulous attention to detail is why we have the best floor plans to rebuild a home or build a new home.

Professional Design

2. Speed

These 22 plans are specially designed for the efforts to rebuild Santa Rosa after the fires. Since they are already approved by the City, clients who choose one of these plans don’t have to wait for the plans to be reviewed and approved by Santa Rosa city engineers. This speeds along the process so we can get you into a home even faster. Instead of waiting months for approval, our plans are usually pulled within 2 weeks. This means we can start construction faster. From the time we start construction on a lot in Coffey Park, we can build your home in 5-6 months. Homes in Fountaingrove, Hidden Valley, and Mark West Estates are dependent on the lot but usually take 6-9 months.

We know how important it is to rebuild your house. We’ve expedited the planning process to get you home faster.


3. Savings on Expenses

Creating a custom plan takes not only time, but money as well. Custom plans need to be specially created by an architectural firm. You’ll need to pay the fee for the plan and for all revisions. Once the plan is complete, you’ll need to file with the City for approval. You are responsible for all fees related to reviewing the plans and submitting them.

In contrast, Christopherson Builders has already done this step with our plans! We have contributed the upfront time and cost into submitting the plans, so you don’t have to worry about this extra step.

Saving On Expenses

We have the best floor plans to rebuild Santa Rosa. These beautiful and efficient designs are specially designed for the rebuild effort. With 22 plans to choose from, clients have plenty of choices. Our plans include Craftsman, Spanish, and Ranch styles. Once you have picked a plan, there are hundreds of choices in our design studio to personalize your home, from appliances to cabinetry to flooring to window treatments! These floor plans are faster, cheaper, and ultimately the best choice for our clients who need to rebuild after the fire.

We’re not just rebuilding your house in Santa Rosa. We’re creating a Christopherson home, with quality and style you can recognize and enjoy for years to come.